Start Kindergarten Right

Killeen, TX area residents can enroll their children in our preschool program

Part of parenthood involves setting up your child for success. Do you know how to give them a head start in school? At First Start Childcare and Learning Center, kids in our preschool program participate in arts and crafts, games and learning blocks to stimulate their creativity and cultivate skills that they'll master in kindergarten.

Give your child a head start on learning - call today to ask about our enrollment process for K3, K4 and K5 classes in Killeen, TX.

What will your child learn?

At First Start Childcare and Learning Center, we believe a child's early education is important. That's why our preschool program helps kids get ahead of the game by practicing their

  • Phonics
  • Numbers
  • ABCs
  • Shapes
  • Colors
  • Manners
We also encourage children in our preschool and kindergarten programs to exercise and interact on the playground. If you want your child to experience the ideal balance of work and play, contact us now to enroll them at First Start Childcare and Learning Center in Killeen, TX.